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Image of Faculty at Commencement

News StoryEducational Access and Innovation

UW Colleges 2016 Commencements

Commencement is a seminal moment in any graduate’s life, representing the end of one chapter and the start of another.

News StorySupporting Families and Communities

Wisconsin Master Naturalists volunteer to support Wisconsin’s natural resources

Wisconsin has abundant natural spaces accessible to visitors, including more than 60 state parks and more than 70 nature preserves. But that much natural space requires a lot of personnel support, which state parks and nature centers cannot always provide.

A program led through the University of Wisconsin-Extension and University of Wisconsin-Madison’s Environmental Resources Center is training a network of qualified volunteers to help meet that need.

VideoEconomic Development

BAAS Program Bring Bachelor’s Degree to Barron County

Bill Muench, co-owner of Louie’s Finer Meats, in Barron County explains why the Bachelor of Applied Arts & Sciences degree offered at UW-Barron County is a great fit for him.

VideoEconomic Development

UW-Extension: Ideadvance Seed Fund

In this video, Scott Vanderbeck discusses how Ideadvance Seed Fund helped his company, Organic Research Corporation, pivot and succeed in the medical marketplace. Dave Linz and Idella Yamben, two UW-Extension employees intimately involved with Ideadvance, explain the program’s role in growing new companies like Vanderbeck’s.

News StoryEducational Access and Innovation

Paving the Path: How UW-Waukesha and Professor Ellyn Lem are helping low income women find the path to higher education

It’s difficult to blame someone for being dubious when they see the words, “Free College Credit” plastered on handouts in local shelters. That incredulous reaction is what Dr. Ellyn Lem supposes runs through people’s minds when they see her promotional material for UW-Waukesha’s “Paving the Path” program, a college-level course running four Saturdays in the summer. The goal is to provide low-income adults with an introduction to higher education.